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An Update on The Ending

Where Did it Go?

I decided to take a quick break from writing to post an update about The Ending. As a novel I’ve worked on for three years of my life, having written it from the ground up four times to this point, I made the decision to go through and rework it one more time. This is not a total rewrite, but it is significant, especially in the first third of the book.

Over the next day, the existing versions of the book will disappear from the site. I’m not comfortable leaving it up because I feel that it dramatically misrepresents what the book has become. Part 1 on Amazon will also go unlisted, so kudos if you grabbed that before I tossed its ragged, limp corpse into the swamp.

I, and a team of editors, are working hard to prepare the final book for public consumption. If you are one of the people that read the last draft of the novel on the site, hopefully the final version will surprise you. There are numerous changes throughout the book, but the first third is almost entirely new, built and restructured from the ground up.

I could have released it as it was, but after spending so much of my life on the beginning of this multi-novel story, I wanted to make sure that the first book was perfect.

More updates to follow, but I wanted to let the people waiting know what in the great hell was going on.

We’re all still friends, right? Right. Good.


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